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Dredge Pipe Pieces

Dredge Pipe Pieces in general

Dredge Yard supplies several types of dredge pipe pieces for use onboard of dredgers and on discharge pipe line. These dredge pipe pieces are delivered in different variety and different thicknesses in accordance with the customers’ requirements.

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Variations of pipes are as follows:

  • Bend Pipe in variations
  • T-Pipe
  • Pitched T-Pipe
  • Y-Pipe
  • Cross Pipe
  • Strait Pipe
  • Conical Pipe
Dredge Pipe T-Piece Dredge Pipe Cross Piece

Dredge Pipe Pieces Features and Benefits

  • All dredge pipe pieces are custom made according to the customers’ requirements
  • Dredge pipe pieces are made of different thickness according to the wear pattern
  • Flanges are cast together with the pipe to provide a stronger connection
  • All dredge pipe pieces are provided with lifting lugs
  • All dredge pipes have smooth surface for low frictions
  • No welding or other sources of vortexes

Dredge Pipe Inspection Delivery dredge pipes T-Piece Dredge Pipe

Dredge Pipe Pieces Production

  • Production of dredge pipe pieces is done at high quality and experienced foundry with the latest production facilities to ensure high quality casting and quick delivery time
  • All castings of dredge pipe pieces are heat treated according to ISO and ASTM standards
  • All castings are measured and tested before machining
  • All products are measured and tested after machining and before releasing for transport
  • Cast areas are painted and machined surfaces are greased after machining
  • All measurements and tests are recorded at Dredge Yard database

Cast Pipe Piece Dredge Pipe Piece Dredge Yard Pitched T-Piece

Dredge Pipe Pieces Materials

According to customer’s applications and requirement, dredge pipe pieces can be provided in two materials:

  • Manganese alloy providing high elongation and impact value
  • High chromium, nickel and molybdenum alloy providing high tensile, high yield and high hardness values

Dredge Pipe Bend Piece Design Dredge Pipe Piece Bend Dredge Pipe

Other products of Dredge Yard

Dredge Yard also offers the following dredge components:

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